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Don Cherry Makes the Big Time

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, I need a Don Cherry doll?”. Well, its your lucky day my friend.

Don Cherry versus G.I. Joe? Looks like McFarlane Toys will feature its second version of Don Cherry in there 19th series of their successful NHL action figure line. But before I go any further I have a question for the McFarlane team. Why cant we get a CURRENT Bruins figure before you start making second versions of hockey personalities? Don’t get me wrong, I love Cherry and he is basically a legend in the world of hockey, but does he really need two action figures? Anyways, the reason why this is news here is because it will be in honor of his coaching tenure for the Bruins. Cherry coached for the Bruins between 1974-1979, in which he brought three divisional titles and the Jack Adams Award, for being the NHL Coach of the Year in 1976, to Boston. Cherry, in the figure, will be donning a Bruins jump suit, hat and gloves. I know this might not interest everyone but as a collector of Bruins related objects myself, it is something I felt I should throw out there. If you are interested in picking this figure up, I would suggest trying eBay since it has always worked the best in the past for me.

I already have a spot cleared on the mantle.

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