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Does taking more penalty minutes mean less points in the standings?

Everyone knows taking penalties is almost always a bad thing, but how do penalty minute totals correlate to overall team point totals since the 2004-05 work stoppage?

This week at Puck Prospectus, I examined whether teams that have taken the most penalties since the lockout also have lower overall point totals.

Here is an excerpt:

Surprise, surprise Detroit is once again at the top of another rankings list since the lockout. The job Ken Holland and company have done in Motown is truly amazing. No surprise again, that Buffalo, San Jose and New Jersey are also sitting at the top of both rankings list. That said, we once again see a mix up of the rankings as we move further on down each list. What stands out most may be the Anaheim Ducks—a traditionally undisciplined team—sitting fifth in total points since the lockout, but with the most penalty minutes in the entire NHL over that same period. In fact, the next closest team is more than 300 penalty minutes behind the Ducks.

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