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Does playing for the Winnipeg Jets offer players a tax break?

Is playing in Winnipeg good for a players bank account?

Photo Credit:  Colin Jensen

Photo Credit: Colin Jensen

While the cost of living is relatively stable in Winnipeg, especially when compared to cities like Vancouver and Toronto a new study out today suggests that the tax rate in Manitoba makes our city a pretty attractive place to play.

Winnipeg ranked 12th in the league at 45.8% in a joint study by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and Americans for Tax Reform. This is interesting considering that same rate garnered us a 27th spot back in 2012.  Clearly that has more to do with what occurred in other jurisdictions more than a reflection on anything that occurred in Manitoba.

Top spot was taken by the Calgary Flames with the bottom being held down by the Montreal Canadiens.

To read the entire report, including how they arrived at their conclusions click here.

Our thanks to Chris Barron for bringing the study to our attention.