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Winnipeg Jets

Dobber Prospects: The Road to the Memorial Cup, CHL prospects standing out (Brad Lambert)

Some chatter about the Jets 2022 1st rounder.

This is from five days ago (prior to game 1 between Winnipeg and Seattle but thanks to ShotDisturber for heads up) but they spend some time talking about Jets 2022 1st rounder Brad Lambert (starting at 4:27 mark). Peter Harling and Victor Nuno take a good cop/bad cop approach on him. They look at things regarding Fantasy Hockey Scouting of NHL prospects.

Audio Description:

The road to the Memorial Cup continues and the CHL playoffs are down to the finals, Peter and Victor look in on each league to talk to you about some prospects whose fantasy stock has increased during the playoffs.

Starting in the WHL where Seattle and Winnipeg, two powerhouse teams will faceoff.