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Do teams that win more blowout games than they lose have a better record since the lockout?

This week for Puck Prospectus, I examined the correlation between blowout wins/losses and total team wins since the NHL lockout.

This week for Puck Prospectus, I examined whether teams that win more games by three or more goals than they lose correlated to the number of total wins over the same period.

Here is an excerpt:

There is certainly a high correlation between being top ten in three goal win/loss differential and total wins.

Not surprisingly, and as mentioned above, Detroit was at the top of both the goal differential chart and the total wins chart. The Red Wings blew out their opponents 22 more times than the next closest team (Ottawa) and also won more games over the same span by sixteen games. Both of those differentials are substantial considering the spreads between the teams below Detroit. In fact, the Red Wings’ twenty two more wins than Ottawa is the biggest spread between any two teams on the entire chart. Yes, the organization has been that dominant since the lockout.

Ottawa is an interesting case because they have become worse each of the past four seasons in terms of both three goal win/loss differential, as well as win total. Nonetheless, the team’s early post-lockout success was such that they placed high on both lists.

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