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Colorado Avalanche

Did the DNC Insult the Avs?

Stu Hackel, who writes the Morning Skate blog at the NY Times, has a link to a funny post at the Mile High Hockey Blog . The blog, written by Joe, offers a tongue-in-cheek analysis of the Democrats snubbing the Avalanche as the left-wingers take over the Pepsi Center.

“This is just another clear effort by the radical left latte-drinkers to diminish the brave history of the Avalanche, a hockey team consisting of good, hard-working regular Americans (North Americans), almost all of whom are probably former prisoners of war. The Nuggets are elitist and naive and lack the experience necessary to be considered a serious professional sports team. And I heard they bump fists to congratulate each other, which is un-American and probably a jihadist gesture.”

In a post later this afternoon, Joe presents photographic evidence of Democrats Ransacking The Pepsi Center, and he writes, “They obviously have no concern for the Avalanche, those heroes in burgundy and blue who have long fought to keep us all free from the tyrannical onslaught of the wretched Calgarians and Edmontonians. Did you know that Joe Sakic spent five years in a Canadian prison camp? True story.

Pretty funny reading, take a look if you have a minute.