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Di Marco/SanFilippo Report: Winnipeg Jets are one of the teams PHI has had discussions re: Travis Sanheim

Might the Manitoba product be returning to his home province.

While folks in Jetland are focussed on Pierre-Luc Dubois and the Kings, there is more to focus on according to our friends in Philly and specifically on a Manitoba product in Elkhorn’s Travis Sanheim.

Our good friend from Crossing Broad Anthony SanFilippo tweeted this:

“The Flyers are pivoting on Sanheim now looking to other teams. I know Toronto has been mentioned, but I’ve just been told at the time, they haven’t spoken.”

Then Anthony Di Marco of The Fourth Period chimed in with:

“As Ant mentions here, the #Flyers are looking at different options with Travis Sanheim.

The Winnipeg Jets are one of the teams PHI has had discussions with, I’m told.”

Might the Jets be looking to bring the left shot defenceman to Manitoba?

Anthony added this:

The conundrum with Winnipeg is they pick at No. 18. They may not be willing to part with such a high pick for Sanheim.

But a lot can happen over the next four days and I wonder if the Jets make another move first if it makes more sense to them.

The whole thing is fascinating.

Now teams talk all the time so this isn’t a massive story but it is notable in that there was some thought Winnipeg may be just looking to deal with the Dubois situation first.  This could suggest otherwise.

This would give Winnipeg lots of left shot D so you’d think there would be another move coming if this trade was consummated.