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Nashville Predators

Del Biaggio was interested in moving the Predators

From Brad Schrade of the Tennessean:

The bleak future predicted for pro hockey in Nashville was part of a marketing effort by Del Biaggio’s hockey-related firm, Forecheck Holdings, to gain more investors.

A computerized presentation, dated January 2008, featured charts and slides with titles such as “Portability Value” and “Investment Thesis.” The document is labeled “strictly confidential” and targeted toward a “limited number of sophisticated prospective investors.”

Freeman told The Tennessean last week that he was aware Del Biaggio had been trying to get additional investors into the hockey enterprise, but was not aware that Del Biaggio had told potential investors that they could gain control of the team and move it.

Read the entire article here.

Just when you thought Nashville couldn’t dislike Del Biaggio even more, news like this comes out.