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San Jose Sharks

Dan Boyle not happy with Lightning ownership

From Erik Erlendsson of the Tampa Tribune:

“I understand at the end of the day that it’s a business, this is a business. I
understand that more than anybody. But there is a way to conduct business, and
the way that my situation was handled was absolutely not the way to do it. I,
for a long time now, have been under the impression that I was part of this team
going forward, wanting input from me on other players, and never in a million
years did I think that I was one of the guys that needed to go. Just a few days
ago [media were told] that the rumors were a joke, Dan Boyle is going to play 25
minutes, he’s not being traded, he’s not going anywhere. They made it clear that
we are not going to go after an offensive-defenseman [in free agency] because we
have the best one in the league. Now, going back to business-is-business, when I
find out from an absolutely ton of different sources that my [butt] has been on
the trading block since I signed the extension, that to me, is not the way you
do business…

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Boyle has a right to be angry that new ownership denied he was going anywhere then traded him about a week and a half later. That said, Boyle should be ecstatic he was traded because the Sharks should be Cup contenders for the foreseeable future.