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Winnipeg Jets

Dallas Jumbotron strikes back Part Deux

What has the Dallas Jumotron learned about Wpg since last time the two teams played?

Once again the city of Winnipeg was the focus of attention for the folks running the jumbotron at the American Airlines Center this evening.

Unlike the last time they faced off against Winnipeg back in December (and didn’t appear to know too much about the city) now they have done a bit more research.

Dallas Jumotron

Tonight’s fact about Winnipeg included;

1)  It lies at the geographic center of Canada
2) Nearly 100 languages are spoken in the region;
3) Boasts an impressive Museum for Human Rights;
4) Winnipeg averages 2,727 hours of sunshine per year; and
5) Winnipeg doesn’t take jokes very well.

So is this list better than the last one?  Impressed?  Not impressed?  Prefer to see the Furries?