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Daily Rumour Analysis

Daily Rumour Analysis: Rangers Looking to Deal

An analysis of the daily rumours.

Spector’s site once again has some very good information about some pending deals swaying in the trade winds. One report out of New York even has the names that both sides were offering in the deal, as well as the names from a counter proposal.

The NY Rangers apparently offered defender Bobby Sanguinetti to the Coyotes in exchange for Peter Mueller. The Coyotes, seemingly happy with their current crop of bluelines, countered by asking for Brandon Dubinsky or Ryan Callahan.

The proposal and counter-proposal both seem to make sense. The Rangers realize that they have some tough contracts on the books and are looking for scoring that won’t cost them much. Mueller hasn’t been great this season, but has a load of potential and could outperform his current deal. They also seem to realize that they have a strong defensive core and can part with a player like Sanguinetti.

The Coyotes are also apparently pleased with their D, and realize that they could use a gritty centre to improve their team. I doubt the Rangers bite on that counter-proposal, as both Callahan and Dubinsky are vital cogs to that team.

Mueller may well get moved, but to me it doesn’t look like the Coyotes and Rangers are a good fit.

Another rumour out there today is that the Canadiens may shop Jaroslav Halak. Most of you will recognize this one, as it keeps coming up whenever Price shows signs of life. I for one do not see this happening. The Canadiens are always under pressure to win and trading their most consistent goaltender isn’t the way to win games.

They may have to make a decision in the summer, as both Halak and Price are RFA and the team has to sign Plekanec, but for now I would see Montreal holding on to him. That could change, however, if the Canadiens were offered a reliable replacement in return, or if Price shows he can be consistent.

Finally, reports (also on Spector) suggest that there are several scouts are following the Philadelphia Flyers, who are looking to acquire a goalie due to Ray Emery‘s injury. The most likely culprit seems to be one of the Thrashers goalies. As mentioned, the Flyers are keen on Ondrej Pavelec, but the Thrashers would like to move Kari Lehtonen.

I would think that the Flyers would certainly like to get Pavelec, but their latest goaltending salvation will come from elsewhere. Given the Flyers recent fleecing of the Thrashers, I would suspect Don Waddell will think twice about getting into bed with the Broadway Boys.

See or hear anything you want to pass along? Put it in the comments and I will do my best to offer some quick thoughts.

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