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Daily Rumour Analysis

Daily Rumour Analysis: Free For All Friday

IC readers are welcome to offer their thoughts on possible scenarios for the Blackhawks excess players.

As I am sure everyone has noticed, there is just a ton of Chicago talk out there right now. The recent announcement of the long-term signings of the big 3 in Chicago has prompted rampant speculation as to who will be going where once the season is over.

I could sit here and speculate all day, but thought that it would likely be more interesting to have the readers offer their thoughts on possible scenarios. Each person likely has a favorite team or two and could opine better than I who would look good in their teams’ silks and who could be sent back to Chicago.

So I am asking each reader to offer his or her scenario in the comments. Try and do a little research into cap implications and be sure the idea is at least plausible. I would encourage everyone to offer something up and see if we can get a healthy discussion going. Don’t worry about being made fun of, we have Drew for that.

Think Cam Barker would help out in Carolina? Feel that Patrick Sharp could put your team over the edge? Does your city’s hairdressing community want a shot at Brent Sopel’s mullet? Is the Swiss community in your town lacking in numbers? Let’s hear some trade talk! Maybe Bob Roberts and Goon could start us off…

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