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Detroit Red Wings

Crosby was surprised that Hossa signed with Wings

From the Detroit Free Press:

“I was pretty surprised,” Crosby told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review of Hossa’s move. “He told me that he really enjoyed it in Pittsburgh.”

It sounds as though Crosby doesn’t blame Hossa for coming to Hockeytown.

“To be honest, if you look at (the Red Wings), they haven’t lost anyone. … Maybe on paper, they have the best chance to win the Cup and, in (Hossa’s) mind, that is what he thinks.”

Read the short article here.

Hossa surprised the entire hockey community by signing with the Wings, so the fact that Crosby was equally surprised isn’t overly shocking.  However, I’m sure deep down, that Crosby may have taken the move a little bit personally and I bet the young superstar will be extra motivated for next season’s Wings/Pens game.