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Could Radulov sign a deal for 2009/10?

From Ken Campbell of the Globe & Mail:

While is appears as though the contract is for this season – with Radulov saying he plans to begin training with Ufa next week – it is unclear whether or not Radulov could sign a deal that will take effect after his deal with Nashville expires. If that’s the case, it will present a whole new set of problems for the NHL and IIHF to confront.

If Radulov arranged a deal for ’09-10, his signing would be considered tampering by the NHL’s definition. But that possibility was not addressed in the peace accord between the NHL and IIHF. With no tampering provisions, either side could theoretically get around the agreement by simply agreeing to terms with a player before his contract expires.

“That would be a grey zone,” Szemberg acknowledged.

Read the entire article here.

Good work by both sides to not address this issue in their agreement. The ambiguity of certain parts of this agreement are sure to lead to more disagreements between both sides’ lawyers.