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Conference Semifinal Scores: Pens/Caps, Hawks/Canucks


 Pittsburgh     Chicago 4
 Washington     Vancouver 
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HNIC Report:

Ron MacLean seems to be the only guy behind the idea of Balisille moving the team to Southern Ontario.  LeBrun, Strachan and Milbury all seemed very anti-Balisille.  (or at least anti his methods of acquiring a team).  LeBrun indicated that Balisille’s methods have turned off any Governers who might have approved of him.

Ongoing Phoenix Saga Daily Tidbit:

  • Balsillie says tight deadline in Coyotes fight could be good thing

One of the most intriguing questions asked in the interview involved any possible contact with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.

MacLean: Has Gary Bettman called? Is there any chance this can get settled before [the judge’s ruling]?

Balsillie: “That’s a fair question, Ron. The important thing when you do what I do is I talk to a lot of people in my work and in hockey and my philanthropy, and it’s just not appropriate for me to talk about private conversations.

“I have a lot of rapport and relationships, and I just don’t and I just won’t talk about who calls and when they call and what it was about, because it’s not respecting people and the position.

“It’s not how I build relationships and I’m just not going to comment.”

Bettman has helped foil two previous attempts by Balsillie to purchase NHL clubs and move them to Ontario, once with the Pittsburgh Penguins and the other with the Nashville Predators.

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