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Conference Semifinals: 2 Game Sevens–Wings/Ducks, Canes/Bruins–Spontaneous Liveblog

Random streams of consciousness (by Drew):

  • Two game sevens at the same time–God bless the NHL
  • If you are in the United States, but not in the home television market of one of the four teams playing tonight, and you want to watch both games, get the cheque book out because it will cost you $79.00–way to build an audience for your game NHL.
  • Tremendous speed demonstrated by Darren Helm on that second goal for the Red Wings
  • The people I am watching with prefer to watch Detroit-Anaheim–I wholeheartedly disagree
  • The room is stunned about the multiple game sevens at the same time–especially after I just yelled and ranted about it yet again
  • I don’t care how good their production values are, or how many “big names” are on their panel, games just feel more important when they are shown on CBC rather than on TSN
  • The room is wondering why Zetterberg seems impervious to pain when he blocks a shot–questioning if he is a cyborg?
  • We missed the Boston goal–again, why are both game sevens at the same time?? SOMEONE TELL ME!
  • A fourth person has joined our viewing party, and unsolicited of me mentioning anything, he asked, incredulously, why both of the game sevens are at the same time??
  • Teemu Selanne just keeps on producing. He has been a pleasure to watch over his entire career.
  • Beauchemin blows a tire, and the Red Wings jump on the opportunity to regain their two goal lead
  • Hiller is being tended to by the Ducks trainer, after being crashed in the crease–Ducks PP
  • Two goals scored in Boston-Carolina–two goals missed because we were watching Detroit-Anaheim
  • The Ducks capitalize on an iffy penalty call on the aforementioned “crashing of the crease”, and Corey Perry scores to make it 3-2
  • 2 game sevens. Both in intermission at the same time. The disaster of NHL scheduling continues unabated. Silver lining is it gives me unfettered access to the Jays game.
  • Bobby Ryan completes the Ducks comeback in Detroit. 3-3 twelve minutes to go. Assist to that stick that caused Samuellson (sp?) such troubles
  • I would like to thank ESPN’s Bill Simmons for coming aboard the “my god the NHL doesn’t know how to schedule games” bandwagon. Bill, it’s great to have you with us.
  • Huge shot block by Kronwall–that hurt him though
  • Third goal in the Boston-Carolina game that we have missed due to having to watch two games at once.
  • Newfies represent! Dan Cleary with the go ahead goal in Detroit! 3:00 to go
  • I think Peter Laviolette mugged a homeless man for that suit jacket
  • Jays lost. I hate the Yankees
  • The people I was watching with have left to get food. I am sitting alone in his living room, while his wife and her friend are watching Grey’s Anatomy in their bedroom. Awkward.
  • Lucic ties it up for Boston. He’s a beast.
  • Ten to go…these two game sevens have been terrific–too bad they are being played at the same time.
  • Pierre McGuire–Still annoying.
  • Pierre McGuire is so annoying he makes me dislike Milan Lucic simply because Lucic’s play excites Pierre so very much
  • Wow. OT.–If i had an overwhelming preference as to who wins, I would be a nervous wreck
  • Laviolette’s jacket is still hideous.
  • From a Bruin’s blog: “I’m just throwing this out there. If another Bruin scores in this game, they can have my daughter’s virginity. You’ll have to wait 16 1/2 years until she’s legal, but the offer stands.”
  • Just to remind everyone–Many Americans have not been able to see the game thanks to the NHL being on Versus and the worst run of the professional sports. Congrats Commissioner Bettman!
  • From Bill Simmons’ chat: Patrick (Kansas City, MO): “Never been around, seen, or been interested in NHL before. You piqued the interest, but when I turned on Versus there was a recap show on. How do they not turn on the overtime of the Boston/Carolina? This is probably the NHL’s one shot for me, and they’re blowing it like McGrady in the clutch”
  • As Lloyd Mandelbaum said, “it’s go time”
  • I don’t want to look down at the keyboard, for fear I miss the goal–The OT ZONE!
  • What a defensive play by Lucic! Saved the game!
  • Kudos to Pierre for successfully calling that Carolina timeout before it happened. When he doesn’t yell, he can be valuable.
  • “next shot wins” says Gord Miller….”Random glitch in a video game comment” says the room of people watching with me.
  • Scott Walker SCORES!!! They are going to riot in Boston!
  • Thanks folks. This has been fun. Exhausting, but fun. See you for the Conference Finals previews.


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Detroit defeats Anaheim and advances to the Conference Finals.

Carolina/Boston: OT Winning goal by Scott Walker

Ongoing Phoenix Saga Daily Tidbit:

  • Balsillie’s bid to buy Coyotes ‘illusory at best, a sham at worst’: NHL

Jim Balsillie’s offer to buy the Phoenix Coyotes and the process surrounding the sale of the struggling NHL team are “illusory, at best, and a sham, at worst,” according to court documents filed by the NHL.

In an objection filed to a U.S. bankruptcy court in Arizona, the NHL says the Canadian billionaire and co-CEO of BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd. has broken fundamental rules in his Coyotes purchase proposal.

Balsillie, 48, offered $212.5 million US on the basis that he can move the team to southern Ontario, an offer that went public last week after Coyotes majority owner Jerry Moyes announced bankruptcy.

Balsillie fired back, arguing that no matter the league’s claim, the Coyotes remain bankrupt.

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