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Conference call with Winnipeg Jets assistant coach Dave Lowry

A chat with the newly signed member of the coaching staff.


1. Why is this a good fit for him?
2. What will it be like to coach his son at NHL level?
3. Because Adam plays for the Jets, does he feel like he watches and knows this team better than most?
4. Separating personal and professional when his kid plays on a team.
5. When did the discussions heat up with the Jets?
6. What is most important thing he has learned at this stage in his career?
7. Has he been part of a father/son coaching situation?
8. Has he ever coached Adam at any level?
9. How has he evolved as a coach?
10. How does he see his fit into this coaching staff?
11. With Adam being a UFA, how does he think that will impact his son’s contract status?
12. What was his summer like trying to prepare for the WHL season?
13. Biggest differences dealing with players in the WHL vs NHL players?
14. Does he know what his responsibilities will be?
15. On the father/son dynamic.
16. How tough is it to leave the Wheat Kings?
17. What will he remember about his time in Brandon?