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Cold Hard Rants

Cold Hard Rants: Choose your own Adventure

The choice is yours.

Warm weather. White sandy beaches with waves of blue water lapping within reach. Non-existent state income taxes. Zero Pressure.

Icy winters. Grey tinged snow with puddles of dirty water to splash you. Taxes galore. Expectations that make those facing President Obama seem like child’s play.

The choice is yours.

Vincent Lecavalier, current captain of the Tampa Bay Lightning has the choice before him. (Note: For the purposes of this column I will render ignored any trade potential denials made by the three stooges currently running and owning the Tampa Bay Lightning).

If he stays in Tampa Bay, his life will be the envy of every hockey player. A huge guaranteed contract, with a no trade clause. He will end his career having played for one team his entire tenure. A career that was already fulfilled having won the Stanley Cup a few years ago, thus, no matter what else happens, he will be validated as a championship player. No notoriety, no pressure, no worries.

In Montreal, the risk-reward is stupendous. His contract will remain the same, but it has great potential to cause him problems. Words he may become synonymous with include, overpaid, under-performing, a bust. The attention will be relentless. The expectations will be even higher. If he doesn’t win a cup, again, he will be vilified, criticized, and ridiculed.

The choice is yours.

To me, the wild card in Vincent Lecavalier’s decision has to be the relentless Quebec media. Especially the French media. How dare he give an interview in English? Doesn’t he know he is French? I must criticize him. The Canadiens won 6-1. Lecavalier only had one goal. Is he a bust? I must criticize him.

The choice is yours. But remember the sad tale of Saku Koivu when you make your decision. The long-serving captain of the Canadiens, Saku gave 110 percent to the talent poor Canadiens. He never ducked a question, or a challenge. When befallen with cancer, he fought through it, and defeated it, only to return to the Canadiens and be challenged by the media as to why he has not, in his time with the Canadiens, learned more French.

The ball is in your court Vincent. The choice is yours.

For Illegal Curve, I am Drew Mindell

Join the discussion below and tell me what choice you would make.

Papers Update:

2 charged after fight in crowd at Winnipeg Jets game leaves man bloodied at bottom of stairs.

Papers Update:

Scheifele back to being a game-changer for Jets.

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