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Cloutier situation likely headed to arbitration

From Rich Hammond of the L.A. Daily News:

The Kings also have significant differences with goaltender Dan Cloutier, who is under contract for one more season. The Kings attempted to buy out Cloutier’s contract last month, but the process is currently on hold because of a dispute.

Cloutier missed time over the past two seasons, mostly because of a hip condition, but sources say two doctors examined him and deemed him healthy enough to play, at which point the Kings put him on waivers and then announced a buyout of his contract June 21.

Cloutier sought to have the buyout voided – and receive his full $3.1 million next season – based on the opinion of a third doctor, who said he is not healthy enough to play. The process has been suspended and is likely headed to an arbitrator.

Read more from the Daily News here.

This situation looks like it could get messier before it gets resolved.