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Claude Noel Pregame Press Conference

Claude Noel spoke to the media after practice today regarding tonight’s game.

While it is only the first exhibition game, being in the first game situation of the year will give Coach Noel a feel for his team. Noel was asked about what he is looking to see from his players tonight. Here is his response

“It’s fairly simple, I think you have to put things in perspective here and get control of things, you can’t expect that this team will give us everything that we want. We’re four days into training camp. We want to be able to see who can be able to make decisions. There’s been a lot of information, I tried not to overload the players in their information. Who can think, who can make plays, who can play responsible, how is your decision process going to be, these are the evaluations. Realistically this is a 1st game for us, for all of us, who can play in this type of pressure, whether you think its pressure or fans.

It’s really the beginning of an evaluation process, you saw a little bit of it the first couple of days, and this will give us a way better grasp. It will give me a way better grasp of being behind the bench, and feeling the pulse of the bench, which I really enjoy. The pulse of the players, and how the communication is working with one another, on the ice, the reaction, the adversity in the game, is all really good stuff. That’s all the information you can’t get from watching tape, that’s really what I need to focus in on. That’s some of the adjustments, who’s able to make the adjustments.”

Listen to the full press conference here

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