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Clarifying the Legein story

From Aaron Portzline of the Columbus Dispatch:

Stefan Legein and Doug Woods met this morning in Oakville, Ontario, to discuss Legein’s hockey future. For the short term, nothing has changed.

“He won’t be attending (Blue Jackets) training camp,” Woods told The Dispatch this afternoon. “He taking time to think things over.

“In my opinion, Stefan just wants to take a break. He’s tired from all the things he’s gone through the last two seasons, all the tournaments, the games, the shoulder injury … all that stuff. He feels like he needs some time and space.”

Woods was adamant that Legein is not suffering from anything other than loss of passion and energy. There are no health issues, he said. There is no family or personal crises. No addictions to anything, either.

Read the entire entry from Puck-rakers here.

Give the kid a break.  He doesn’t want to play hockey right now and that is his choice.  He isn’t holding out for more money, he just seems worn down.  I think we will eventually see him return to the game but, for now, he needs some time away.

The Jets are scheduled to return to the ice for practice tomorrow after taking today off.

The Moose will play the first ever school day game. @ICdave will join @danielthefink on the broadcast.

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