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Chat with Winnipeg Jets 2017 3rd rounder Johnny Kovacevic after signing new contract

Dave chats with the Jets right side D prospect.

He was on the Jets list of RFAs this summer and his representation and Winnipeg settled on a one-year, two way deal for the 2021-22 season.

I had a chance to catch up with the 6’5 right shot Dman who spent last season with the Moose.

Topics covered include:

1) Signing his contract with the Jets (0:33)
2) Term of the deal (1:30)
3) Reflections on last season (2:12)
4) Playing 38 minutes in one game (4:00).
5) The group of players the Moose had last season (5:06).
6) Recovering from his injury/time off after season (6:35).
7) Why did he and Dylan Samberg work well as a pairing? (8:10).
8) What former Moose coach Pascal Vincent meant to him (9:22).
9) Getting prepared for next season (10:40).
10) His thoughts on the moves the Jets made this summer (11:52).
11) Focusing on what is in front of him (13:53).
12) Getting time to develop/seizing opportunity (15:12).
13) How excited is he to play in front of fans (16:59)
14) Having fans focus on him as a prospect (18:14).