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Washington Capitals

Capitals gearing up for draft

From Ted Leonsis at Ted’s Take:

Here we go again – back to the drafting tables. This is the weekend of the year where our amateur scouts earn their money and see payback for all of their time spent on the road.

We have a first round pick and a bunch of second round picks. We can trade up. We can make some trades for more picks. We can use our picks and prospects for a trade of a player that can help us today. We can trade some picks for this year for some picks in an out year. We can stay put and use them all. We have a lot of choices.

George McPhee plays it so close to the vest that even I don’t know what he is thinking. I do know that he listens to his scouts and professionals and that they fight and argue – in a good-hearted fashion – about who are the best players at what positions. I also know that the team’s philosophy is to pick the best available player on the board that is left when it is our time to pick. We don’t usually draft by positional need.

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Leonsis is one of a rare breed of owners who consistenly communicates with his fanbase. Give him credit for the job he’s done in Washington.