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Brian Burke says he’s willing to trade up and obtain a higher draft pick for Leafs


The Maple Leafs are going to aggressively pursue a top NHL entry draft spot, perhaps even the No. 1 position, says GM Brian Burke.

Going into the draft lottery Tuesday night, Toronto was seventh in the selection order and could move up a maximum of four spots if it wins the weighted draw.

Burke intends to be wheeling and dealing before the top teen talent is dispersed in Montreal with an eye on landing highly touted forward John Tavares.

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What a coup this would be for Burke whose been known to pull off  big draft deals before.  They have been dying for a highly touted star player to come out of the draft for some time.  If they could land Tavares it would help tremendously with the re-building going on in T.O., which could be seen as a similar type of revival that the Blackhawks have undergone.