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Breaking News: The Boston Bruins are in pursuit of Tomas Kaberle & top 10 pick.


The Boston Bruins are in pursuit of Tomas Kaberle and a top 10 pick in today’s draft.

Sources tell TSN the Bruins have offered restricted free agent forward Phil Kessel to Toronto in exchange for the Leaf defenceman and Toronto’s No. 7 pick in the draft.

The Leafs are apparently canvassing the league to see if there are any better offers out there.

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However Kevin Paul Dupont from the Boston Globe quotes a source close to the negotiations who says:

”Not a chance that’s happening,” said the source in reference to the No. 7 pick. ”Wasn’t offered, and there isn’t a chance the Leafs do that deal.”

So it appears this is a straight up offer and if that is the case I just can’t see this happening.  The Leafs are likely to wait until after Bouwmeester is signed and then Kaberle becomes that much more valuable.  Kaberle is an attractive option on the blue line as he’s signed to a relatively low contract for a few more seasons.  Kessel would add some proven scoring punch rather than taking a ‘chance’ on a draft choice, even if the class is deep.  Stay tuned to IC all day for any and all trades from Montreal.


It appears that TSN has amended the deal.  Now it is the Bruins who are offering a pick (not their first round pick) and Kessel for Kaberle.

Breaking News:


It appears the potential trade involving the Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs is at the very least on hold and quite possibly dead.

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Additionally IC contributors Kyle and Richard will be bringing us any and all updates as they live blog from the Bell Centre this evening.