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Bob Gainey on Mats Sundin

From Habs Loyalist:

Gainey said he has no concerns about Sundin’s physical ability to play hockey this year. He’s big and strong and can be ready to hit the ice pretty quickly. But Gainey described Sundin’s “emotions” as being the problem. He talked about Sundin’s state of mind, and about how the big Swede isn’t sure he still has the level of passion he’d need to sustain him through another long NHL season. And he spoke of Sundin’s difficulty in mentally leaving the team for which he played the majority of his 17-year NHL career behind.

As for the Canadiens’ offer?

“He’s interested,” Gainey said. “I told him to make a decision. I said, if you feel like you want to retire, then retire. But if you’re not sure, you should play and the emotion will come.”

Read the entire entry here.

Nothing like Bob Gainey’s bluntness to open up the day.  Even though Gainey says “He didn’t say no,” I have a hard time believing that Sundin will be returning to action this season.

**Hat tip to reader Bryan for the heads up**

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