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Blog Hits: Dany Heatley demonization continues, Is Darryl Katz making rookie errors, Should Stars fans be mad?

Another day of free agents signing is over After and here is the word from the Blogs:

  • Cult of Hockey:  David Staples will reserve judgement on maligning Dany Heatley character but that doesn’t inhibit others from doing it.
  • Lowetide:  Interesting piece on the problems with rookies, but he isn’t talking about rookie players, he’s talking about rookie owner Darryl Katz.
  • Defending Big D:  Questions whether or not Dallas fans have a right to be frustrated with the team.
  • Die by the Blade:  Suggests that for the Sabres to have any measure of success next season they are going to need a significant contribution from the defense.
  • Puckdaddy:  With free agents dwindling, Saku Koivu’s prospects are increasing and the Wild’s chances for landing this ‘coveted’ free agent appear to be diminishing.
  • Matchsticks & Gasoline:  Discusses what is left for the Flames to do.
  • On Frozen Blog:  The folks in Washington are still reacting to the signing of Mike Knuble.
  • Greatest Hockey Legends:  With Wimbledon in full swing over in London, we are introduced to Jaroslav Drobny a hockey/tennis player from Prague.
  • Snapshots:  Leaves you with the feeling that even though he can generally do no wrong, Steve Yzerman is taking some slack on his Team Canada selections.  As Kyle, Rich and Neil have been saying, Canada is so deep they could easily field a 2nd team so inevitably a lot of talent will be left off the team.
  • From the Rink:  46 players signed, $406-million spent.

ICYMI: Former Winnipeg Jets forward Kristian Vesalainen has signed a one-year extension with HIFK.

Which Canadian team do you think is most likely to end the drought?

@KevinWeekes went with the Jets.

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