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Behind the Mask with Manitoba Moose goalie Eric Comrie

A closer look at Eric Comrie’s helmet.

I initially took a look Behind the Mask with Connor Hellebuyck and Michael Hutchinson and now we head down to the AHL to look at Eric Comrie’s mask.  (You can click on the pictures below to see greater detail of the mask).

Photo Credit: Jonathan Kozub/Manitoba Moose

Photo Credit: Jonathan Kozub/Manitoba Moose

Photo Credit: Jonathan Kozub/Manitoba Moose

Photo Credit: Jonathan Kozub/Manitoba Moose

While both Hutchinson and Hellebuyck influenced the end product Eric choose to stay out of the design process.  When I asked him why, he indicated that he had tried years earlier to design a mask and he said it didn’t exactly work out, attributing it to a “total lack of artistic ability whatsoever”.  He said he has faith in his painter (Jason Bartziokas) who he has been using since his time in the WHL with the Tri-City Americans.

Last season Comrie, like Hutchinson did this year, paid homage to former Jets 1.0 goalie Bob Essensa in the design of his mask as can be seen below.  As an aside I find it interesting that two of the three goalies I’ve chatted with have used goalie Bob as inspiration for their masks.

Photo Credit: Brian L. Grieb

Photo Credit: Brian L. Grieb

This season according to Comrie the old design is “ripping off and starting a new phase, starting my own design and we are going to try and build it through the years”.

While it is not quite as involved as the masks of the two Jets goalies it will be interesting to see what Comrie’s mask will look like in the future as he advances in his career and his mask continues to evolve.

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