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Balsillie set to file application for Relocation of Coyotes


The NHL will soon have a much clearer picture of what Jim Balsillie has planned if the Phoenix Coyotes are allowed to move to Hamilton.

Photo: The Canadian Press

Balsillie was expected to file an application for the relocation of the Phoenix Coyotes with the league late Monday night. It includes intricate details about why he believes the NHL should consider his proposal to purchase the NHL team for US$212.5 million and bring it to southern Ontario.

“We put together all of the elements of the design, the market and updating the facility and stuff like that,” Balsillie said in an interview with The Canadian Press. “It’s an important and comprehensive document. …

“Really this is all about for me just complying with the league rules and regulations.”

Deputy commissioner Bill Daly declined to comment when contacted by email.

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Well since it is an off day, why not some more news about the Coyotes situation.  Earlier it was reported that Gretzky stands to lose 9.3 million if Balsillie loses his bid for Phoenix and they are forced to accept the much lower offer from Reinsdorf.  It is interesting to note the tone that Balsillie takes within the article when he said “Really this is all about for me just complying with the league rules and regulations”.  As interesting as this news is I think most hockey fans would like to enjoy the Stanley Cup Finals uninterrupted by Coyotes news for awhile.