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Phoenix Coyotes

Balsillie comments

From TSN:

Balsillie has offered US$212.5 million to purchase the Coyotes, conditional on a move to Hamilton and closing by month’s end. However, Balsillie lawyer Susan Freeman said her client would walk away if the relocation fee was too exorbitant.

On Wednesday, Balsillie seemed to leave the door open.

“However it works out, the issue of a relocation fee, while a new development, does move us one step closer to bringing the Coyotes to Hamilton,” the co-CEO of BlackBerry maker Research In Motion said in a statement. “I am fighting for Canadian hockey fans because I know you’ve been out there fighting for my bid.”

Read the entire story here.

Again, Balsillie is making fans and analysts read into his comments, as he hasn’t exactly been forthright with information over the past week or so.  Either way, reading into these comments leads me to believe that Balsillie is going to be willing to pay a relocation price for the Coyotes–provided it isn’t very, very high.  The question of course is: What is too high for Balsillie?