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Auctioning off Winnipeg Jets tickets & collectables to help raise $100,000.00 for the United Way

Ace Burpee has set out to raise $100,000 for the United Way this Fall. If you’d like to help and win cool Jets prizes here is your chance.

Ace Burpee, the Winnipeg radio personality, is on a one man campaign to help raise $100,000.00 for the United Way.  Burpee’s rational behind this movement:  “I figure it’s time. I was thinking about the United Way over the summer and how this year was my time to make more of an impact.”

Further to that end, they are currently auctioning off a number of very cool prizes like a polar bear expedition to Churchill, tickets to the New Years eve game against the Toronto Maple Leafs and a pair of Winnipeg Jets Converse Chuck Taylor’s signed by Alex Burmistrov (which also come with a pair of tickets to the Jets/Senators Nov 29th game).
Winnipeg Jets Converse Chuck Taylors signed by Alex Burmistrov

Right now the auctions, which close in the next day or so, are currently at the following prices:

Polar bear expedition to Churchill:  $2,225.00

New Year’s Eve with the Leafs:  $1,125.00

Custom Winnipeg Jets Converse Chuck Taylor’s signed by Alex Burmistrov with 2 tickets to Senators game:  $455.00.  Updated:  The Chuck Taylor’s and tickets are now at $655.00 with 46 minutes to go.

The money is going to a very worthwhile cause so if you would like a chance to check out a Jets game, win some unique Jets paraphernalia and also donate money to a great organization, click on the above links and try and win the auction.