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Ask Illegal Curve

A Brendan Morrison fantasy question.

We have only one question to answer this week (where have you gone Bob Roberts), from reader Davey Boy, so please remember to send in all your hockey related questions during the week. Use any of the writers’ email accounts or just post the question in the comments.

Reader Davey Boy asks: I’m all stocked up at Centre but Brendan Morrison just got Ovie and Knuble. Do you think they’ll stick, and if so worth dropping a guy like say Tanguay or Hemsky for the potential ? If he sticks for awhile and does well maybe I can use him for trade bait…

Good question Davey. While Morrison may have that cherry assignment now, Boudreau doesn’t strike me as the type of coach to stick with something that isn’t working. While Morrison was once part of a fearsome troika in Vancouver, his best days as a scorer are likely behind him. He may put up some second assists and the like, but I wouldn’t think he is a long-term option on that unit.

That being said, both Tanguay and Hemsky have started off slow. Hemsky is prone to long stretches of mediocre play punctuated with 5-10 games of all world scoring. If you can afford to wait out the bad times, he should still get you 60 to 70 points once he gets comfortable with Quinn’s system and/or loses JF Jacques as a left winger.

Tanguay is a veteran and will find ways to score, which will not only help you but also the Ligthning, who are having some trouble bulging the twine lately. He too should round into form, remember he is playing for a contract here, and get you that same 60 yo 70 points.

So, I don’t think dropping one of the two is a good long term option for your pool. The trade bait idea seems a little better, especially if someone wants to get in on the Washington action. Its still early, but someone in your league might have started to panic already. See what is available and the return might be worth it.