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Are we about to see the re-birth of the Manitoba Moose 2.0?

The re-birth of the Moose?

Moose 2.0

According to Tim Campbell of the Winnipeg Free Press fans in Winnipeg may be seeing the re-birth of the Manitoba Moose.  It would be somewhat appropriate if we had the Jets 2.0 and Moose 2.0 both in the city.

Could Winnipeg support a second professional sports franchise?  It appears it wouldn’t be long term as according to Campbell:

“If the IceCaps/Moose do move back to Winnipeg, it’s likely only a temporary move until some more permanent situation is found, in Thunder Bay or elsewhere.”

To read Tim’s full article on the possibility of the move from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Winnipeg, Manitoba click here.

You would have to think that the organization would like this for a number of reasons including the ability to scout their prospects, ease of call ups, cost benefit of having everything under one roof.

My only question is does Mick E. Moose still have his old Moose jersey?

Photo Credit:  Colin Jensen

Photo Credit: Colin Jensen

Could you see yourself supporting AHL hockey if the team was to come to Winnipeg? Would the idea of watching prospects that the Jets 2.0 have drafted increase your interest in AHL hockey?