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Apparently Ron Wilson and Patrick Marleau don’t mind each other

From David Pollak of the San Jose Mercury News:

The question of his relationship with Patrick Marleau came up and Wilson went on at some length. I focused on that in a print edition story tomorrow, but here’s what the coach had to say.

Shortly after his May 12 firing, Wilson said, Marleau left him a message.

“Patty thanked me for everything I did for him, in helping him grow more as a person than as a hockey player, and that he would play for me any time, any place,” Wilson said.

The coach acknowledged the two had a difficult time during the 2007 post-season … “”Patty struggled in the playoffs, I might have overreacted — I certainly did.” But Wilson said the two quickly patched things up.

Read all the details from Working the Corners here.

For years, it was rumored that these two had a very poor working relationship. While this seems to put all the controversy to rest, I’m sure many still believe that Wilson and Marleau are better off apart. Regardless, unless the Leafs pull the trigger for Marleau, this separation will probably not result in any sort of reunion.