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Atlanta Thrashers

Anderson hiring not official just yet

From Mike Knubler of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Sometime over the next few days, we might learn if the difference between TSN’s report the Thrashers have hired John Anderson and Don Waddell’s denial of that TSN report comes down to semantics or something more.

In other words, is this the equivalent of “Nobody’s hired until the general manager says he is,” or is this a situation that could still lead to someone other than Anderson behind the Thrashers’ bench in the 2008-09 season?

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When TSN reports something, it is almost always true. So, I think it is fair to believe that the Thrashers have decided to hire John Anderson. That choice is a terrific one, as Anderson has paid his dues in the AHL for years and will finally get a chance to try his craft at the NHL level.