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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: Two Zuzim

  • The Dallas Stars’ Blog offers its take on the spending thus far, with a team by team breakdown. Very funny, as usual.
  • A Rumour Roundup from Lyle Richardson. There are still some signings to be had out there, but I expect a pretty quiet summer.
  • An early look at the Top 10 OHL prospects for next spring’s NHL draft. John McFarland may creep a little farther up this list. Dynamic player.
  • The Canucks have added Andrew Raycroft to back up Roberto Luongo. Canucks fans better hope Roberto stays healthy.
  • Greatest Hockey Legends waxes nostalgic for the old Soviet-Canada rivalry, and posts some awesome pics of the mid-1970’s commies. Very classy pictures, and mustaches!
  • The Sporting News is reporting that the Reinsdorf bid for the Coyotes contains little to no cash. This can’t sit well with the Coyotes’ creditors.
  • Sorry for the delay on this one, but its still big news. The OHL is looking to hire a person with a law enforcement background to investigate tampering (and other) charges and to oversee protection for OHL players. The OHL has long been hampered with charges that its teams are engaged in underhanbed dealing.