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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: This and That

  • A little more about Brett Hull’s future. He shouldn’t be judged on Avery alone.
  • Edward Fraser of The Hockey News takes a look at father-son NHL acts. More than anything, the exposure to the game at a high level is what helps these kids the most.
  • How much are coaches in the GTHL getting paid? I have heard numerous stories from parents at AAA level tournaments about the bribery going on, which is shocking.
  • Oren Koules, meet Bill Clinton. Greasiest meeting ever?
  • Can NHL players take a hit without resorting to a fight? The culture of the game has seemingly changed.
  • Meet Frank Brimsek, the NHL’s Mr. Zero. With all the recent talk about who is the greatest American NHL’er, Brimsek receives little attention.
  • In light of the recent Sakic snowblower injury, here is a look at some other freak accidents that afflicted NHL players. A polo injury? Really?