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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: The Freshest of Freshmen

A new junior hockey documentary; More ideas to improve the game; Heatley as damaged goods; freshmen in the WCHA; more college hockey bios; questions for each team

  • Jon Kreiser of has an interesting article, where he asks and answers one question per team. Check out the Western Conference here. Very smart idea for an article, especially at this time of year.
  • R (Marcello Ranallo) and Q (Steve Quailer) from INCH’s A-Z of College Hockey. Once again, an excellent way to learn about some more obscure players at the collegiate level before they become sought after free agents on Brian Burke’s radar.
  • Western College Hockey blog profiles some incoming freshmen, including Mike Cichy, Danny Kristo and Mike Lee. Lots of good talent coming into the WCHA this season.
  • Puck Update doesn’t think Heatley is going anywhere anytime soon. Damaged goods may be an understatement.
  • Jason Kay has 40 well thought out ideas to improve the game.
  • The Hockey Observer has an in-depth report on the Kirill Kabanov situation. I didn’t even realize this was going on.
  • A production company is set to make television documentary that will follow 6 players from the Prince George Cougars. Looking forward too it. I recently saw “Les Boys” and really enjoyed the concept.