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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: That Goal Only Counts in Montreal

  • Since we need a little horn tooting, Illegal Curve gets a mention in the Randy Turner (Winnipeg Free Press) article on fighting in the NHL.
  • If you need some hockey news that is both informative and easy on the eyes, the Sports Report Girl is for you. IC thanks the SRG for her interest in our blog.
  • Georges Laraque is not a fan of the proposals coming from the NHL General Managers’ meetings.
  • Coming Down the Pipe looks at 5 potential new faces for the Oilers next season. I doubt they even need them, as MacTavish will likely just give the 4th line 20+ minutes a game next season.
  • David Shoalts of the Globe and Mail recaps the NHL GM meetings.
  • Don Cherry tells Steve Simmons that he is an easy target for criticism. I think Cherry’s straightforward style rankles the politically correct in Canada. Like him or not, at least he speaks his mind without a PC filter.
  • Gare Joyce profiles Ottawa 67’s head coach Brian Kilrea for Sportsnet.