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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: Sticks and Stones

  • Jim Hughson suggests that while the new composite sticks are to blame for some lost scoring chances, the players have the sticks made to their specifications, so they shouldn’t escape blame. Hughson also notes that the Thrashers play an exciting brand of hockey, despite their early troubles. Hughson has a point here. You would think that players would want something reliable to shoot with?
  • A look at the hockey program at Texas Tech. I find these club hockey teams at US colleges fascinating. Talked to a guy in LA this weekend about the USC club team, very interesting.
  • A little humour from LCS Hockey. Some of these are a stretch, but fun all the same.
  • Darryl Reaugh weighs in on the Dallas Stars troubles, but steers clear of the Modano incident. The Morning Skate also talks Dallas Stars hockey. Check out the Ales Hemsky videos as well. Two sick goals. Things are going bad to worse in the Lone Star State, but I think Modano was wrong to throw his teammates under the bus. Those guys are there to protect him and his pretty hair.
  • If you are in need of some fights, check out for their weekend roundup.
  • Lots of good stuff over at World of Junior Hockey, including news from Belarus’ upset of Team Canada West. I always knew the obnoxious shouting of “BELARUS, BELARUS” at the Grand Forks bars would come back to haunt Canadian fans.

The Jets are scheduled to return to the ice for practice tomorrow after taking today off.

The Moose will play the first ever school day game. @ICdave will join @danielthefink on the broadcast.

We will have plenty of news on

A new month is almost here and with it brings 16 more chances to win authentic Jets merchandise (and potentially tickets to a Jets game).

But you need to enter to win.

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