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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: Over There

  • The KHL has invited members of the media to observe the medical testing in the league in order to stem the bad press from Alexei Cherepanov’s death. This is the right thing to do. Showing that you are committed to your players health and a sense of transparency can only help the league.
  • Patrick Thoreson, a former Oiler and Flyer, is tearing up the Swiss League. Good for Thoreson. I enjoyed him as an Oiler and was always impressed with his skill.
  • Weekly Rebounds looks at Alex Nikulin’s “trade me or I go to Russia” threat. Seems like it worked in this case. I wonder if it will have a ripple effect in the  NHL.
  • The weekly Hot List features a couple of high flying Russians. Any thoughts on how the market for Russians will be in the upcoming draft?
  • Taking Note has an update on former WHL’ers playing over in Europe. Taking Note constantly has updates, via the MacBeth Report, on former Western Leaguers playing overseas. Kind of interesting to see where guys end up.
  • The best of hockey moms. Nothing new here, but take a look all the same.

Papers Update:

2 charged after fight in crowd at Winnipeg Jets game leaves man bloodied at bottom of stairs.

Papers Update:

Scheifele back to being a game-changer for Jets.

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