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Afternoon Delight

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  • Taking Note tells us that Buffalo, New York will host the 2011 World Juniors. The city was chosen over Grand Forks, ND and Minneapolis/St.Paul,MN. No big surprise here. The proximity to Canada was obviously a big selling point.
  • Gregg Drinnan’s blog also notes that the Maple Leafs will be keeping Luke Schenn. Sort of classless of Ron Wilson to insult the coaching the WHL. Schenn has been the Leafs best defender in the limited action I have seen. Wilson fails to realize the job the junior coaches do to get these kids ready to step into the NHL at a young age.
  • Adam Proteau of the Hockey News wonders if the Palin Curse actually exists. I think this is a little silly and a chance for the more fervent supporters of THE ONE to take a shot at Governor Palin. Despite billing themselves as more tolerant people, supporters of the Democratic Party are sure quick to call names on a personal level, at least in this election cycle. (See comments).
  • Check out Parts 1 and 2 of Don Cherry’s new book. I really can’t wait to read this. Grapes is always entertaining, despite what his naysayers choose to believe.
  • College Hockey Power Rankings from INCH. Very interesting to see the two Boston teams (sorry Northeastern) in the top 5.
  • The complete Players to Watch list from NHL Central Scouting. I am perplexed as to why the SJHL and MJHL do not get any more attention here. Surely their players must be comparable to some of the US Junior leagues? Your thoughts in the comments.