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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: Missing the Vaunt

A lot of prospect news, a look at the Flames defense and free agency talk; plus more after the jump.

  • Since I have been away for a while, I am a little behind on the links. Check out the last few stories at Psycho Lady, as her travels have taken her from Toronto to NYC to St. Louis, with enough time to get a Top 10 Tuesday down for good measure.
  • Some prospect news from The Hockey News, with a Hot List and an entry from Mark Seidel’s blog.
  • Puck U has a little video about a Luongo man crush. Check it out.
  • Goon previews the weekend matchups in the WCHA.
  • Fantana, writing over at Stay Classy, offers up some good insight into some pending free agents and how and when they might be signed.
  • View from My Seats notes that that vaunted Flames’ defence is missing the vaunt.
  • I have posted this before, but if you haven’t already seen NHL Game Tag, be sure to take a look. Great way to meet other fans.