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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: Friday

  • Al Strachan has a column out, where he discusses a number of items, including the possibility that the Sharks will try to move up in the draft. They have lots of big names to dangle, especially if a rebuild is in the works.
  • Puck the Media has 5 suggestions to improve the NHL Awards Show. All valid points. I even received a text last night simply reading, “Chaka Chan?”
  • The Puck Report discusses various bonuses associated with the NHL Awards.
  • An AP report out of New York is claiming that several NHL’ers (including Mike Peca and Sergei Gonchar) were bilked out of thousands of dollars on a golf course deal. Wherever you find guys with money you will find guys trying to steal that money.
  • Coming Down the Pipe has a “massive prospect archive” posted just in time for the draft. Massive is the word for it. Lots of excellent info here.
  • You want another mock draft? You got it. This is another good effort.
  • Hundreds show up for the Make it Seven rally in Hamilton. The support is nice, but they still need to get the NHL on board.