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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: Draft Over

  • The weekly Hot List from The Hockey News and a good article about the NHL discipline system (or lack thereof). Aaron Ward’s press conference made it all worthwhile.
  • Speaking of the NHL’s failings, which genius scheduled tonight’s Game 7’s an hour apart? I suppose having them start at the same time wasn’t an available option?
  • Gare Joyce says the CHL got it right when it returned the Memorial Cup to a junior-sized venue.
  • Fanhouse with a post on why the NHL will always be a fringe league in the United States. Maybe if they scheduled two exciting Game 7’s at the same time on the same night…wait, what?
  • Greatest Hockey Legends takes a look at the greatest beards of playoff yore. No mention of Katie Holmes, which seems like an egregious error.
  • Guy Flaming breaks down the Memorial Cup goalies over at The Pipeline Show.
  • In perusing the greatest hits over at Barry Melrose Rocks, I found this post chronicling the survivors of EA Sports’ NHL 94. I scored many a hat-trick with Shjon Podein….(thats what she said?)

The Jets are scheduled to return to the ice for practice tomorrow after taking today off.

The Moose will play the first ever school day game. @ICdave will join @danielthefink on the broadcast.

We will have plenty of news on

A new month is almost here and with it brings 16 more chances to win authentic Jets merchandise (and potentially tickets to a Jets game).

But you need to enter to win.

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