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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: CV

  • Excellent article at Top Cheddar about the myriad of ways new technology has improved sports information. Illegal Curve is a product and benefactor of this new technology. I wasn’t all that keen on Twitter to start with, but its a boon during draft and free agency day.
  • FX, a cable network in the US, wants to get into sports and has a history of interest in hockey. They would have to come up with a good deal to usurp Versus, a network the NHL seems to like.
  • A Scout’s Life looks at the science of the late round draft pick. It seems like a crap shoot to me, unless scout’s get the inside information on a kid that might be a late bloomer, etc.
  • Just a reminder to those of you who like keeping track of contracts and cap hits, the nhlnumbers site is fantastic for this type of research. A good spot for all you budding GM’s and capologists.
  • David Staples says that the Oilers need to redefine their approach to team building and free agency after the Heatley fiasco. Well said David.
  • The Hockey Bums blog has a number of items of interest, including the rumor that Todd Bertuzzi could be on his way to the Flyers or Senators. He seems like a Flyer to me.
  • Puck Daddy comments on the omissions from the Team Canada camp list. When you have the luxury of Canada’s depth, these types of omissions are always going to happen.