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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: Brownies?

  • Hockey News columnist Ryan Kennedy comments on the Wings’ dominance and the logo brownies his wife made him. What a nice wife!
  • In case you haven’t seen it, here is the Don’t Date Within the Division commercial put out by the Boston Bruins. Very clever.
  • John McGourty of discusses the prominence of shot blockers in the playoffs.
  • The 60 Minutes Blog says the World U-18’s win is a vote of confidence for the USNTDP. I am sure all teams can complain that their best aren’t available very year. Canada’s lack of success in this tourney is partly to blame on that, but still troubling.
  • The rumours de jour from Spector. I wish the Tavares to Toronto nonsense would stop. Mad Mike isn’t running the show in the Island any more.
  • Alex Ovechkin: Master of Intrigue? Good for him. I like these throw back dirty tricks. Hockey is too friendly these days.
  • The Top 20 most disappointing performances of the year, from The Hockey Writers. (H/T To Puck Daddy) Some of these seem unfair, given that the players were new to their teams, etc.