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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: As they said on the X Files; The Truth is Out There!

With Kyle in Saskatchewan, I will be handiling AD for today:

  • The Universal Cynic suggests that the truth is out there, somewhere regarding Dany Heatley.  I’d agree that most of this speculation is just that, however within some of it, there has to be some truth as well.
  • Part 3 of 3, Eastern Conference, on Dobber Hockey’s look at each team’s Top 6 in the Eastern Conference.  No surprise that the Leafs look the most uncertain.
  • As I linked last night, here is Part 2 of the Mike Lange interview by Puck the Media.  Of course his most bizzare Penguins moment came against the Jets in Winnipeg.  Gotta love that Jets crowd.
  • Greg Wyshnski of Puck Daddy prepares to geek out as he chats with the master of NHL patchesGotta love some of these old school ones.  At the same time, its somewhat depressing seeing a patch from the 90’s and realizing that’s considered “old school”.
  • We learn from NHL Fanhouse, to nobody’s surprise, that Brent Sutter is enjoying life with the FlamesJust wait till they lose a couple of consecutive games and they are saying “off with his head”.  Then it might not be so cozyThat being said, this should be a good fit and I expect the Flames to do well under him.
  • Crash the Crease discusses the log jam in the Calgary defenceI think that is a problem that most GMs and coaches would like to have.