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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: Accio Popcorn

  • Steve Zipay of Newsday publishes his “All-Unsigned Team“. Looks like a pretty decent club.
  • Ever wanted to hear Ray Emery rap? This is your big chance. Oh Razor, how we missed you.
  • A couple of days old, but this tongue in cheek post on the Maple Leafs is laugh out loud funny. (H/T To Cult of Hockey for this one) Less respect than Rodney Dangerfield.
  • Check out this hilarious (and drama filled) short film on the perils of picking up hockey moms.  Perhaps hilarious is a little strong, but it will nevertheless keep you entertained for 6 and a half minutes.
  • BD Gallof of The Faster Times writes on the Martin Havlat-Twitter-Blackhawks story. With this being the dog days of summer and hockey, watch this story get beat to death.
  • A little more You Tube goodness, this time featuring Steve Carrell of Office fame. Slightly more entertaining that the hockey mom video, but only about 25% as long. Thats what she said?
  • Here is a list of seven Sharks thought to be on the trading block. A partial rebuild may cure what ails the Sharks.