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Adam Proteau talks with Carrie Milbank (Whoa momma)

The Hockey News’ Adam Proteau talks hockey with the host of’s The Hockey Show, Carrie Milbank. The exceedingly lovely Ms. Milbank credits Blades of Steel for her interest in the game.

They also likely haven’t heard from Carrie Milbank, host of The Hockey Show on and one of the newest noteworthy females on the hockey scene.

And what do we have to thank for Milbank’s affection for hockey? Would you believe Blades of Steel, a video game released in 1988?

“I loved that game!” said Milbank, a former cheerleader captain for the NFL’s Houston Texans who also hosts Internet programs on and “I used to play that game every day and that’s why I became a hockey fan. That’s how I got to know hockey, and I fell in love with it back then.”

When Milbank landed The Hockey Show gig during the 2008 playoffs, the prospect of interviewing hard-edged hockey players was somewhat intimidating, especially given the fact she wasn’t steeped in hockey culture growing up in Houston.

But a lot of research, and a bit of trial-by-fire, had her in a comfort zone in no time.

Even if you have no interest in the article, click the link for the picture. Your thoughts in the comments.